Nigerian born medical doctor listed as one of top 30 most inspiring women to look out for in 2022.

Overview Of: Nigerian born medical doctor listed as one of top 30 most inspiring women to look out for in 2022.


Nigerian born medical doctor listed as one of top 30 most inspiring women to look out for in 2022.

Dr Nimi Ekere is a Consultant Family Physician, a Fellow of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Family Physicians. She is also a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants. Nimi is also a certified management consultant with distinction in Time Management from the London Graduate School. She is an author, leading child advocate, speaker and humanitarian.

Dr.Nimi is the founder of Smileandshine Children’s Foundation, a non-profit organisation that is deliberate about the sexual and mental wellbeing of children. In rural communities of sub-Saharan Africa, Dr. Nimi’s campaign against child abuse has inspired social security and hope for many children with unbelievable realities. Nimi’s child advocacy has been featured multiple times on various mainstream media outlets, including the BBC.

Dr Nimi Ekere is an author of four best selling books that address the issue of Child Sexual Abuse with practical remedies. All four of her books are in different academic curricula of government-run primary and secondary schools in Nigeria.

She is a strong proponent of effective and intentional parenting. Dr. Nimi convenes different programmes and conferences that promote child rights protection, as well as parental education on the safety of children and young adults. Nimi has also featured in many panels and conferences across the globe.

As part of deliberate efforts in ensuring inclusive advocacy and sensitisation of children on Child Sexual Abuse, Smileandshine Children’s Foundation hosted a Christmas party for the children and parents in Oworonshoki Community.

The event which had several children and parents in attendance didn’t only put smiles on lots of the faces, it also sensitized the attendees on the ills and prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

In an interview with the Founder of SmileandShine Children’s Foundation, Dr Nimi Ekere, recounted the motivation behind the foundation’s choice of location, and the importance of sensitising children and parents in hard-to-reach locations.

In her exact words, Dr Nimi Ekere said; “Our aim is to ensure that every child is safe. It is our earnest desire that Nigeria is the safest place to raise a child and if that is what we so desire, we have to ensure that every child no matter where they are, is safe”.

“When I say every child, I mean all children; in the cities and villages.

A lot of attention are given to children in Urban areas. For us, it is a deliberate action to ensure we sensitive all children because we believe in inclusive advocacy”.

“Some of these children are ignorant about Child Sexual Abuse and Rape. Neither do they know what to do in the event of an abuse”.

“We are deliberate about reaching out to indigent children in hard-to-reach areas. It is all about inclusivity. If we don’t do that, then they will be left behind. In that regard, some children would be safe, while some would be marginalised. Hence, we at Smileandshine Children’s Foundation will continually ensure that every child is safe.

“ We organized this event  to give these children a sense of belonging so they feel loved and strive to be better.

Newsconnect also gathered how the foundation was able to fund the event.

Dr. Nimi Ekere said; “When you are passionate and believe in a cause, there will always be a way around it. A maxim says, when there is a will, there is usually a way which is our watchword.

“I have been pursuing this cause from my purse and I am tenacious about it. So far, a lot of people have shown interest and have helped a lot. I want to use this opportunity to thank Nigeria bottling company. They provided the drinks for the event. I was shocked to say the least when I got a call that they wanted to be part of this”.

“We also appreciate Pad A Girl Initiative for their support. They provided sanitary pads for girls of reproductive ages. It was just wonderful.

“Some people volunteered the little they could. Some gave money, food stuff etc. We just put everything together and it came out extremely wonderful.

“Like I said earlier, when there is a will, there is always a way. When you set your heart to do something, you just have to start no matter how little the steps maybe, help would come. And if help doesn’t come, just keep at it, it will definitely happen just as it happened today. I am very grateful to everyone that helped today not forgetting the volunteers. It is so heart warming that a lot of people want a safe environment for children.

Dr. Nimi Ekere concluded by saying; Jesus Christ was a good child, he didn’t steal, he didn’t do bad things hence, the children should emulate Jesus Christ.

“If you want to emulate Jesus Christ, don’t allow anyone to touch your private parts and don’t touch other people’s private part too. Inform your parents if anything bad happens to you.

“Don’t tolerate any untoward  behaviour by an adult to you. Read your books, aim to achieve your dreams in future. If you are hardworking, you will definitely get there”

“Parents should be attentive to their children. Know your child, be your child’s friend, companion and confidant”.

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