These Are The Best Songwriters In The Nigerian Music Industry Currently — Do You Agree?

Overview Of: These Are The Best Songwriters In The Nigerian Music Industry Currently — Do You Agree?


The past few years in the music industry look pretty much like the decline of lyricism altogether.

These days, you don’t even have to write something exceptional to make a hit or something. You just gotta have is some good production, bad instrumental, and moderate knowledge of whining and bouncing of booties to sing about.

It might also help if you’re boyfriend material, and you got lines. Besides that, you don’t need pretty much anything else.

But the unsung heroes behind some of our greatest hits are the songwriters if you think about it. Think about how many DavDAVIDOido songs sound so good because they were written by other people better than him.

Point is, songwriting is a skill not so many artists possess today. The few ones that have it, are often being overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. We should really give props to these guys because it takes quite the effort to put lyrics and tunes together and create something beautiful.

Well, who are the best songwriters in the industry today? Let’s check them out!

1. Brymo

Brymo is undoubtedly the most talented musician currently active in the music industry. There’s no way around it at all,

Brymo is the overall best in music. Having released a myriad of projects within the past ten years, there is actually no question about his songwriting abilities at all.

Listen to his “Yellow” album and see for yourself.

2. Simi

Simisola‘s first few years had her trying to make hits, and for quite a while she was kinda what you’d call underrated.

But all that changed after her 2016 ‘hook-up’ with Falz that birthed the “Chemistry” EP and the hit song, “Soldier.”

After that, she went to drop two number one albums, two years in a row. But it wasn’t just because her voice is nice, no.

Simi kind of has a way of putting words together on songs that stands her out from the rest and that’s just beautiful.

3. Olamide

He’s the man. We’re talking about a guy that did “Baddest Guy Ever Liveth” and “Eyan Mayweather” just two years apart. Did “Lagos Nawa” in 48 hours and followed up with “999,” just before releasing two of the critically acclaimed albums in a space of one year.

Olamide doesn’t sweat at all and it’s obvious. He’s got what it takes and he’s most definitely one of the best around.

4. Burna Boy

Twice As Tall” alone automatically earns Burna Boy a spot on this list. Burna is so good he went in and created a Grammy-worthy album effortlessly. For Burna, it’s talent.

His songwriting skills are obvious on all of his projects, from “Outside” to “African Giant.” He’s definitely up there lyrically.

5. Adekunle Gold

Adekunle Gold is just too good. Three albums in and he’s still wowing us. He moved from R&B to alternative and all the way back to afro-pop.

It’s not even a question of whether he’s as good as the hype around him or not. There’s no doubt about that at all.

6. Mayorkun

When Mayorkun first came, he was so good lyrically people were saying he could murder rappers on a track. And it’s true.

Not to talk of the fact that he’s actually done it a couple of times. Mayorkun creates iconic stuff and that’s on period.

Also, who knows how many of Davido‘s songs the guy actually wrote?

7. Wizkid

This is definitely the one that will raise a lot of eyebrows. Well, before you say Wizkid only sings about women and whining, have you listened to “Made in Lagos” and “Soundman Vol. 1“? And when I say listen, I mean really listen to hear something?

Cause if you have, then you will know Wizkid‘s songwriting is top-notch. And what’s more, he actually writes all his songs.

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