OkikiDft Biography & Net Worth

Overview Of: OkikiDft Biography & Net Worth

OkikiDft Biography & Net Worth

OkikiDft Biography & Net Worth

Daudu Fruitfulness Tolulope who is well known as Okiki Dft is a Nigerian Instagram Comedian, actor, and content creator. He hails from Lagos State and was born on the 24th of May but his year of birth isn’t public knowledge yet.
The Dft in his name is the initials of his full name while Okiki/OkikiJesu is the name his mum is fond of calling him. Okiki Dft who is the only child of his parents was born in Lagos and grew up & schooled in Akute and he is currently a student at the University of Lagos.
As the only child, his childhood was quite a boring one and he mostly resorts to filming himself randomly out of boredom. He continued in that path and started making skits out of boredom with no plan of taking it up as a career.
Oluwa Dolarz and Sydney Talker played a major role in his career and in bringing him to the spotlight. He used to be a fan of Oluwa Dolarz from a distance and kept on tagging him in his comedy skits on Instagram until one day Oluwa Dolarz messaged and invited him for a shoot. They kept on working together and during that period, he started observing growth on his Instagram page.
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He came into the limelight after releasing the comedy skit where he was about to swim and as he was told the price for swimming, he reversed (watch the video below), the video was reposted by Don Jazzy and started gaining traction afterward. He currently has over 350,000 followers on Instagram. 

Social Media Handles

Instagram: @okikidft

Twitter: @Okiki_Dft

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