Top 10 Most Stressful Cities In The World

Overview Of: Top 10 Most Stressful Cities In The World


Lagos rank as di second most stressful city in di world, according to one new research wey just comot.

Vaay, wey be one German company na im do di research wey torchlight di mata.

And inside di list of 100 cities, dem rank am from di one wey no dey stressful to di one wey stress pesin pass.

Lagos, wey be Nigeria commercial capital dey bottom of dat list – to mean mean say e dey very stressful to live in ‘Eko’.

Di only city wey worse pass Lagos, na Mumbai for India.

Di tins wey dem use rate di cities include noise, air and light pollution, unemployment rates and traffic congestion.

Oda measurement dem use na governance, social security, mental health and how di weather be.

For Africa, Nairobi inside Kenya na anoda city wey make di ranking at number 20. Meanwhile Darkar, Senegal sit for 16th position.

Top 10 most stressful cities

  • Mumbai – India
  • Lagos – Nigeria
  • Manila – Philippines
  • New Delhi – India
  • Baghdad – Iraq
  • Kabul – Afghanistan
  • Moscow – Russia
  • Karachi – Pakistan
  • Jakarta – Indonesia
  • Kiev – Ukraine

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