Delalorm unveils the screte behind her “Grateful” album and the the release date

Overview Of: Delalorm unveils the screte behind her “Grateful” album and the the release date

Delalorm unveils the screte behind her “Grateful” album and the the release date
Experience the Spirit filled ministry of the ever sensational Gospel music writer and singer  Delalorm whose music journey dated about a decade back but decided to step into the limelight in 2017. When asked about at what point she realized she had a music talent, she says ” I took it a  casual thing singing and remixing already existing songs and also writing simple but beautiful songs that made sense to most of the time just myself at the time. Growing away from my immediate biological family, i didn’t have a lot of people to communicate my real self to and with or what was actually on my mind easily, so unconsciously, I decided to busy my thought life with patching up words (mostly Bible verses I was meditating upon)  and other things I wanted to talk about to make simple complete songs and that was really helpful as it made meditation periods almost always a fun.    Fast forwarded in December 2010, at a house warming party, I encountered Prince Mydas ( a Jamaican artist) who told me the potential marketability of what I’ve got and decided to help sharpen it. Things couldn’t go as planned immediately but I was hopeful and his words created a lot of hope for me but music was not immediate on my priority list at the time. Nonetheless, I did not stop self recording and writing. During my casual music days, I composed simple songs for simple prevailing situations around me and even had the opportunity to write a Christmas Carol which was sung by a lad at a  Christmas kiddy event in 2014.
In 2017, I entered the studio officially upon recommendation by a friend who had asked me for a feature and that began the spark. Few weeks later, ‘Grateful’ was recorded released for radio play making waves especially in my immediate Region. Friends and all were calling to congratulate and share my success and I thought ‘ this is cool’. In fact, I had a few people I personally shared the track to say “honestly unless u told us you did this we could not relate it coming from a Ghanaian. We saw it from quite afar. You know that thing.. Some even mentioned it sounded a lot ‘Sinachy’ but I never got over the fact that I felt the track sounded a bit amateur because I kinda knew what I wanted to hear but folks encouraged me that it’s not a bad start, at least not a complete trash.  After that encounter, I planned to take things to the next level but financing was the highest hurdle as I had to fund almost every aspect of the whole music thing but it wasn’t unsurmountable. Bit by bit, two new beauty singles (Awesome God and Sovereign Lord) were birthed late 2020 and gets outdoored on Friday 2nd July, 2021 God willing. It’s been by a lot of God’s grace and mercies to achieve this result thus I titled this ‘Grateful’.

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